All you need to know about Mucus Plug!

Mucus Plug

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A mucus plug can be somewhat confusing to women who are pregnant, causing them unnecessary worry and stress. Understanding as much as possible about the mucus plug will help women to better prepare for it and to recognize it when it becomes visible. The body works in various ways to make sure that women can reproduce and the mucus plug is one of the many things that the body will do to ensure that the women can safely carry a healthy child. Women who do not learn about the mucus plug may be confused when it finally is expelled from the body. Women who are pregnant or are looking to get pregnant should work to understand their bodies and everything that their body will do while they are pregnant – including the mucus plug. Learning more about the plug will help you to better understand what is coming from your body and why it is coming from your body.

The mucus plug is a naturally occurring phenomenon in women who are pregnant. The mucus plug actually blocks the opening to the cervix. It blocks this opening in an attempt to stop any bacteria from moving through the cervix to the uterus. It does not stay in the body forever, as it is expelled late in the pregnancy.

When Will It Move?

Some women will find that their mucus plug completely leaves the body weeks before they actually give birth to their child. Others will pass the plug only hours before they are about to give birth. There is no set time frame for it to be expelled, as it simply depends on your body and the dilation of your cervix.

What Should I Expect?

The mucus plug can take on many visual forms in women, which can cause some confusion. Some women are going to find that their mucus plug is clear. Others will find that it is pink, and still others will find that it has a small amount of blood in it. It is generally referred to as gelatinous or sticky.

For some women, the expelling of the mucus plug is obvious, with a large discharge coming before the actual labor process. For others, the plug will simply blend in with the the other discharge that they are likely to have toward the end of their pregnancy.

Should I Be Worried?

This is a completely normal and natural occurrence, and is something the body must go through during the labor process. Women should not be worried by a slight increase in discharge. Women may want to talk to their doctor if they notice that the discharge has a lot of blood, or if the discharge is much larger than usual. Again, the mucus plug is a normal occurrence for women who are pregnant. If you are confused or want to make sure that you know what to expect, talk to your doctor. They will be able to talk to you about the mucus plug and help you to better understand what to look for.